Masonic Action Group In the Community

MAGIC was founded in 1994 to assist older Masons and Widows in obtaining help when needed by supplying the name of a local tradesman, of good reputation, to undertake repair work, at a fair price for them, when they had a problem.

Domestic emergencies can cause worry; leaking pipes, washing machine faults, storm damage, etc. can be a source of anxiety. Finding a reputable tradesman to effect prompt action can often be the biggest worry. MAGIC provides a service to facilitate a remedy – to put those in need in touch with a person who can help. The committee is always on the lookout for, and currently requires, more tradesmen to volunteer to aid it. All work, of course, is paid for at the going rate – we don’t expect tradesmen to work for free when it is their business! MAGIC also provides volunteers to drive or escort people for appointments e.g. to Clatterbridge or Whiston hospitals. Do you have time to assist in this way?

Fund raising activities such as the Sportsman’s Evening, provide finance to meet running costs including the pager; any residual monies accrued during the year are donated to charity, both Masonic and non-Masonic.

If you think you can help or wish to be involved, please contact anyone listed below:

The committee
Chairman: Bryan Henshaw.
Vice Chairman: Eric Morris.
Treasurer: Trevor Vearncombe.
Secretary: Tom Bradfield-Kay.
Peter Wall.
Eddie Thompson.

Alan Phythian
Mike Rudd
Peter Wall
Eddie Thompson
Joe Williams
Eric Morris

Contact Number is: 07805 982778

To contact the MAGIC Chairman or Sectretary please use CONTACT US button