Meet Alan Hulmes

  • Hello, My name is Alan Hulmes, I am 53 years old, I recently joined Greenhill Lodge No 6260 who meet at Westhoughton Masonic Hall.

    I was born in Manchester and after leaving full time education I joined the Royal Marines. On leaving the Marines I joined the Prison Service in 1984 which is where I am today.

    My hobbies include cooking, playing golf and researching military history.

    I can say that it is my interest in history that first attracted me to Freemasonry and as an ex-serviceman I can appreciate the sense of tradition and values that are held so highly in the Craft.

    I find the element of mystique surrounding the different degree ceremonies very intriguing and I am eager to know more.

    I had the good fortune to meet someone who is a Freemason, we soon became very great friends, I asked lots of questions and I was given very helpful and patient answers. I was beginning to learn and the more I learnt the more I realised there was to know.

    I was impressed that it is an organisation based on equality whether it be on the grounds of race, religion or social standing. I made a decision to take things further and with the help and guidance of my friend whom I now know to be the Chorley Group Membership Officer Peter Horgan, I applied to join.

    I attended what was a very informal interview with several Greenhill lodge members, everyone I met was warm and friendly and made me feel very welcome.

    The interview, well more of a meeting really, was an opportunity for the lodge to find out something about me and a chance for me to ask any questions that I may have.

    Within a few days I received an email from the lodge secretary informing me that my application had been successful, of course I was delighted.

    I am now looking forward to meeting new people and forging new friendships as well as embarking on an exciting voyage of self discovery.

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    Alan Hulmes.