Andrew installed as master of Banks Lodge

Andrew Pedder has been installed into the chair of King Solomon at the installation meeting of Banks Lodge No 7213 held at Southport Masonic Hall.

Stewart Seddon (left) congratulating Andrew Pedder.

Stewart Seddon (left) congratulating Andrew Pedder.

After the opening of the lodge by WM Michael Rimmer and the usual business being completed, lodge DC Stan Martin retired from the lodge and on his return announced that Assistant Provincial Grand Master Stewart Seddon was outside the lodge and demanded admittance. Michael responded that the lodge would be very happy to receive him; Stewart was then admitted.

On this occasion Stewart was accompanied by grand officer Michael Cox and supported by Colin Jenkins, Southport Group Chairman, Liam Mawdsley PrGStwd and other distinguished Provincial grand officers.

Michael than resumed work in the second degree. The master elect Andrew Pedder was then presented by Shaun and Cliff Morgan. Andrew affirmed his unqualified assent and support of the essential ancient charges and regulations and was then placed before the WM pedestal where he recited his obligation with respect to his duties as master of the lodge.

All brethren below the degree of a master Mason were then asked to retire and the lodge was opened in the third degree. Michael then requested all those under the rank of an installed master to withdraw for a short period and a Board of Installed Masters was opened. He then asked Cliff Morgan to occupy the chair of King Solomon for the next part of the ceremony.

Andrew was then installed as master in what, everyone agreed, was an excellent ceremony, well executed by Michael and Cliff, who were very ably assisted by the officers of the lodge. The brethren were then admitted by rank and Andrew was proclaimed master of Banks Lodge for the ensuing year. The third and second degree working tools were presented by Jonathan Raymen and the first degree working tools by Tom Hale.

The ceremony of appointing and investing officers being completed was the cue for Michael Cox to deliver the address to the WM; which was followed by Michael Rudd addressing the wardens and finally the distinguished guest Stewart Seddon addressed the brethren of the lodge.

After the ceremony and before closing the lodge, Stewart brought greetings from the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison, congratulating Andrew on being installed in the master’s chair for the first time and hoped he would have a great year in office, Stewart complimented Cliff Morgan on the way he handled the business and also congratulated the officers who took part in what was a very enjoyable ceremony.

After the ceremony, the festive board was attended by 28 brethren who were all in high spirits and enjoyed a fine meal, followed by several usual toasts, and an exceptional rendition of the master`s song by all the brethren present.

Pictured from left to right, are: Colin Jenkins, Michael Rimmer, Stewart Seddon, Andrew Pedder, Michael Cox, Stan Martin and Liam Mawdsley.

Pictured from left to right, are: Colin Jenkins, Michael Rimmer, Stewart Seddon, Andrew Pedder, Michael Cox, Stan Martin and Liam Mawdsley.

To end the evening’s festivities Andrew, presented a lovely bouquet of flowers for Stewart to take home for his wife, and thanked everyone who had attended and took part in the ceremony, mentioning that the collection upstairs raised £43.72 and the raffle raised over £54 for the charities.

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