Steve masters his installation

Over 50 brethren witnessed Steve Tree being installed as the new WM of the Duke of Connaught Lodge No 2919. After the opening of the lodge by outgoing WM Steve Cox, DC Peter Martin retired from the lodge and returned with Robert Thornton-Davidson and David Allan who had both recently received Provincial rank to Provincial Senior and Provincial Junior Grand Deacons respectively.

Steve Tree (left) being congratulated by Frank Umbers.

Steve Tree (left) being congratulated by Frank Umbers.

The lodge was honoured with the presence of Ormskirk and Bootle Group Chairman Frank Umbers, the representative of the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison. Frank was accompanied by Derek Hughson, Malcolm Alexander, Southport Group Chairman Colin Jenkins, Mark Barton, Tom Bradfield-Kay and Phil Stock.

David Bradbury, Robert Thornton-Davidson and Don Cox occupied the positions of senior warden, junior   warden and inner guard respectively for the installation ceremony. After the retirement of all entered apprentices and the lodge being opened in the second degree, Steve Tree was then presented by Trevor Martin.

An excellent ceremony then ensued during which Steve Tree was installed into the chair of King Solomon by Steve Cox ably assisted by his officers.

David Colley, Thomas Dalton-McBain and Ben Foster presented the third, second and first degree tools to an excellent standard, proving once again the benefits of regular practices.

After Steve had appointed his officers, the addresses were given by; Peter Martin to the stewards, Dave Allen to the deacons, Trevor Martin to the WM and David Bradbury to the wardens. There followed an eloquent address by distinguished guest Frank Umbers to the lodge brethren.

At the completion of the installation ceremony, Frank brought the greetings and congratulations of the Provincial Grand Master to Steve Tree on becoming WM of a fine lodge and wished him a happy year in office.

Steve then rose and thanked Frank for his kind words and presented him with cheques totalling £1,000, supporting; Southport Masonic Hall Foundation £250, Cancer Research UK £250 and the British Heart Foundation £500.

Steve Tree and Steve Cox (centre) with distinguished guests.

Steve Tree and Steve Cox (centre) with distinguished guests.

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