Keeping it in the family

Richard Gillett, the master of Ainsdale Samaritan Lodge No 4342, had cause to celebrate the initiation of a new member into the lodge. However, it was an extra special celebration for Richard as the new brother was his son, Adam.

WM Richard Gillett welcomes his son Adam into the lodge.

WM Richard Gillett welcomes his son Adam into the lodge.

In an extremely well attended event, 50 brethren were able to witness an emotional ceremony performed to the highest standard as Mike Pilkington faultlessly guided Adam through the initiation, ensuring his Masonic career started in the most impressive way possible.

Once Adam had been guided to the north-east corner, DC Jim Stanley gave a polished explanation of his purpose there and once it was evidenced that he was without valuables, the reason why he underwent that trial was explained.

Not to be outdone, Tony Baker of Southport Lodge No 4034 entertained the assembled brethren with a superlative explanation of the working tools. At the appropriate juncture, Adam was dismissed to restore his personal comfort and upon his return he was able to enjoy a word-perfect rendition of the charge, performed admirably by James Gray and worthy of an ‘Oscar’ nomination.

As an additional bonus, Stan Martin gave an illuminating lecture on ‘The Preparation of the Candidate’. This gave a sense of clarity to Adam about what had previously occurred and certainly answered some questions he may have had.

The brethren enjoy an excellent festive board.

The brethren enjoy an excellent festive board.

At this point, Richard was able to congratulate his son on joining such a well-run and practiced lodge. After the usual business and risings, the lodge was closed and the brethren retired to the festive board. The hall chef, Wayne Warhurst and his staff once again served up a sumptuous meal, which in this case was gammon steak, followed by raspberry cheesecake to the 44 diners including the group chairman Colin Jenkins, further maintaining the high standards the brethren have come to expect.

The usual toasts followed with James Gray toasting the large number of visitors. In response, Les Gilson WM of Victoria Lodge No 2360, gave a warm and dignified response, drawing a few chuckles from his audience. Richard was then able to toast new brother Adam, which he later said was understandably his proudest moment in Masonry. Adam, not to be outdone by his dad, responded in a most humorous way and drew much laughter from the brethren.

As a final, fitting tribute to the lodge, Richard was able to announce that £77 had been raised from the charity plate and a further £199 from the raffle.

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