An historic milestone for the Rose

On Thursday 21 November 1889, Rose of Lancaster Lodge No 2325 held their first meeting and apart from a couple of years during the two World Wars, when the meetings were suspended.

Steve shows off the celebratory cake.

Steve shows off the celebratory cake.

Following the end of hostilities, they have met on the second Thursday of the month ever since. This culminated in their 1,000th meeting which they celebrated in style, with the initiation of Douglas Machell into their ranks.

A gathering of 25 brethren and guests witnessed an excellent ceremony giving strength to the old adage of ‘practice makes perfect’.

Douglas Machell (left) being welcomed by WM Steve.

Roger Binks, acting as junior warden for the evening, guided Douglas around the lodge ensuring that he was in the right place at the right time, even if the hand on the shoulder didn’t always curb Douglas’s enthusiasm to speak. That said, it didn’t detract from the ceremony in the slightest and the ‘Rose’ eventually ended up with a welcome addition to the lodge.

Roger also had the pleasure of presenting both the working tools and the charge, giving a fitting end to a memorable initiation.

Rose of Lancaster Lodge members at their ‘milestone’ meeting.

Before the rest of the lodge business was concluded, secretary Dave ‘Scotty’ Scott had the task of presenting Maros Oriesek with his master Masons certificate, he had been raised to the third degree prior to the summer recess. The brethren were treated to the full explanation of the certificate, many having not heard that version before.

After the risings, the lodge was declared closed and the brethren retired to a welcome festive board. This is a lodge that knows how to entertain its guests and on this special occasion, each of the brethren were given a commemorative mug celebrating the 1,000th meeting.

As a further treat, Scotty’s wife Janice, had baked a cake suitably decorated for the festivities, which received a positive reaction from all the diners.

After the festive board was finished, a large number of the brethren retired to the bar not wanting such a fabulous evening to end.

Members and guests gather for the festive board.


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