Taylor’s Sporting Trilogy, the finale

As many of you will be aware, Peter Taylor, our Provincial Grand Secretary, has been undertaking a ‘trilogy’ of sporting events in order to raise money for the MCF 2021 Festival and Meningitis Now.

Crossing the finish line at Southport.

Crossing the finish line at Southport.

In his final diary / blog, Peter writes:

“Well brethren, I’ve finally completed the last event of my trilogy by finishing the Southport Triathlon on 19 May. I flew to Spain the following day for some R&R, hence the delay in my final diary entry.

On the morning of the event I was up for around 5.30am, to have my traditional bowl of porridge and toast before embarking on the first triathlon of the season.

I arrived in Southport at 7.00am, with a view to starting my swim at 8.40am, which gave me time to rack my bike and generally sort myself out for the task ahead. I must have checked all my gear and bike thousands of times before we assembled for the swim safety briefing at 8.25am.

The temperature of the water in the boating lake was hovering around 12oC as we swam to the start line. This is the worst time, as your body is adjusting to the water temperature, you’re nervous and generally wondering what on earth you’re doing in Southport Boating Lake at 8.30am on a Sunday morning.

The final medal of the trilogy.

The final medal of the trilogy.

The Swim Marshall counted the seconds down, the klaxon sounded, and we were away. Everything was going swimmingly-well (excuse the pun) and as I approached the last 500 metres. I was feeling quite good and decided to kick for home; bad idea, my left calf cramped up and I had to slow almost to a stop until the pain subsided, which seemed like an eternity.

By the time I reached the Yacht Club to exit the water, the pain had almost gone and I was relatively unhindered as I ran to my bike for the next stage. The bike route took place along the beach road, and I was now concerned that the cramp may return but thankfully it didn’t, and I nailed the bike section, and managed to claw back some of the time I lost in the water.

By now, the wind had picked up as I dis-mounted my bike for the run, which was twice around the boating lake and the adjacent park. This is the toughest part of the event, as the transition between bike and run uses completely different muscles and it takes at least 400 meters to fully adjust.

The run passed without any real dramas, and I came home in a total time of just over 3 hours 9 mins. I had hoped to break three hours, but after my issues in the water, it was always going to be a struggle. Having said that brethren, it’s an incredible feeling when you finish such an event, and with the added knowledge that I’d done it for the 2021 Festival and Meningitis Now.

I’m going to close now, by reiterating my sincere thanks to the hundreds of you who have sponsored me over the past six months, as well as the lodges and chapters.  I’ll leave the sponsor page open until the end of June, just in case some of you would like to add to my total, which is nudging £5,000

So that’s £4,000 for the Festival and £1,000 for Meningitis Now.

Signing off now with a huge ‘Thank you!’ Peter.”

The full set!

The full set!



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