Second time for Nick

Nick Jelley has been installed into the chair of King Solomon at the installation meeting of Ainsdale Samaritan Lodge No 4342 held at Southport Masonic Hall.

WM Nick Jelley.

WM Nick Jelley.

In the unavoidable absence of the WM Alistair Sainter, the lodge was opened by Alan Campbell acting WM, and the general business being completed, which included the successful ballot of Michael Pilkington a candidate for initiation, the DC Jim Stanley informed Alan that Robert Wright Assistant Provincial Grand Master was outside the lodge and demanded admission.

Alan responded that the lodge would be very happy to receive him. Robert was then admitted, accompanied by Ronnie Wright, John Karran and Phil Stock, Southport group vice chairman.

Following the opening of the lodge in the second degree the master elect Nick was then presented to Alan by Bob Price a close friend and colleague and asked the usual questions of the master elect.

After these observations and qualifications had been confirmed by Nick, Alan then asked Adrian Jones to occupy the chair of the senior warden, Chris Gayton to occupy the chair of junior warden and Tony Larkin to occupy the inner guard’s position for the installation ceremony. Alan then requested all those present under the rank of an installed master to withdraw for a short period and a board of installed masters was opened.

Nick, having previously been master of Samaritan Lodge, reaffirmed his former obligation and was installed as WM according to ancient custom for the second time, in an excellent ceremony brethren have come to expect from Ainsdale Samaritan Lodge.

The junior brethren were then admitted by rank and Nick was proclaimed the master by the lodge DC for the ensuing year. The third degree working tools were presented by James Gray, the second degree working tools by Jim Stanley and the first degree working tools by Will Halligan all of whom did a very fine job. Nick’s first task as master was to appoint and invest his officers, which he carried out in an exemplary manner.

During the ceremony the address to the WM was given by Bob Price, the address to the wardens by Bob Burns and finally the address to the brethren of the lodge was eloquently delivered by the distinguished guest Robert Wright.

On conclusion of the ceremony Robert brought greetings from the Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison and congratulated Nick on being installed in the master’s chair for the second time. He also congratulated Alan and the officers who took part in an excellent and very enjoyable ceremony.

Nick then rose and presented Robert with cheques totalling £900 for worthy causes. £500 West Lancashire Freemasons’ Charity, £200 Southport Masonic Hall Foundation, £200 Queenscourt Hospice and £200 to the Friends of Tithebarn.

After the ceremony the festive board was attended by 35 brethren who all enjoyed an excellent meal. In his response to the toast to the grand officers Robert thanked the members of the lodge for their kind hospitality and said how much he had enjoyed the ceremony.

He informed those present of the Provincial office move to Leyland and encouraged the adoption of the envelope scheme to enable the charities to claim the tax on the donations. Nick then rose and thanked all the brethren who had attended and took part in the ceremony and announced that the collection upstairs had raised £60.50 and the raffle during the festive board raised £156.

Pictured from left to right, are: Ronnie Wright, Robert Wright, Nick Jelley, Alan Campbell, John Karran and Phil Stock.

Pictured from left to right, are: Ronnie Wright, Robert Wright, Nick Jelley, Alan Campbell, John Karran and Phil Stock.


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