The Masonic Discussion Group

The Masonic Discussion Group had its recent meeting, attended by 15 members. These informal meetings allow members to enjoy a drink while listening to interesting talks given by members of the discussion group or a visiting speaker. It is an ideal opportunity for brethren to meet, mix with and befriend brethren in other lodges. The group meets twice a year on the first Monday in January and the first Monday in September. The Discussion Group is also responsible for the library and museum at Southport Masonic Hall and membership is just £5 per annum which goes towards the Southport Hall fund.

At this meeting two talks were given:

  • Keith Wilson, of West Lancashire Lodge No 1403, gave a talk on “Allegory, Alchemy and Science, the Pillars in the Temple of Solomon.” Having been informed of the measurements of the pillars of King Solomon’s Temple (after having received the Explanation of the Second Degree Tracing Board), have we ever thought to question how much brass went in to the construction of these pillars or why in particular was brass used in the first place and where did it all come from?
  • John Karran, of Starkie Lodge No 1070, gave a talk entitled “The 47th Proposition of Euclid.” This is engraved on a Past Masters jewel; do you know why it’s there and what it symbolises?

If you attended the meeting you would have the answers!

The Southport Masonic Research Group is celebrating its 35 year anniversary. It was started in 1979 by W. Plant. The first meeting was held at the Masonic Hall, Duke Street, Southport on 3rd September 1979. The name of the group was changed from the Southport Masonic Research Group to the Southport Masonic Discussion Group in 2011 as it was felt the original name did not truly reflect the activity of the group and this was possibly deterring young brethren from joining.

The next meeting, of the group is in January 2015 and on this occasion is not of a Masonic nature as there is to be a wine tasting evening to which all members and visitors are welcome.

Keith Wilson giving his talk.

Keith Wilson giving his talk.


J Karran giving his talk

J Karran giving his talk


Links to the two presentations

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