Three Degrees Club

Meets at the Southport Masonic Hall, Duke Street, Southport 


What is The Three Degrees Club?

It’s a Club for every new Freemason in the Southport Group.

Every Initiate receives automatic free membership for three years, which gives a rolling membership of about 75.

The objectives of the Club are broadly as follows:

  • To welcome Initiates into the Southport Masonic community.
  • To enable new members to meet their counterparts in other Lodges, foster peer – group relationships and encourage inter-Lodge visiting.
  • To communicate information about interesting or unusual ceremonies or activities, thus giving members the opportunity to visit and witness them.
  • To give Initiates opportunities to learn about the history of Freemasonry and the meaning of our ceremonies.
  • To make them feel valued, give them a “voice”.
  • To provide opportunities to meet group officials and senior members of Provincial Grand Lodge.

At the end of three years membership, to foster lasting “year group” relationships.

We hope that membership of the Three Degrees Club will add to the enjoyment experienced by members in their own Lodges and make the beginning of their Masonic career more fulfilling.

We have a short calendar of activities so as to limit our call upon our member’s time. In the autumn, normally mid-November, we have our Annual “Themed” Dinner and Dance, this year (2010) we are having a ‘1940s Night’ when we invite both Masonic and non-Masonic gentleman with their ladies. Proceeds are going to the Southport Group Children’s Christmas Party.

To date, we have enjoyed the pleasure of the company of W.Bro. John V Moore MBE, P.S.G.D., A.Pr.G.M., W. Bro. Brian Gillbanks P.S.G.D., Deputy Provincial Grand Master and W. Bro. Christopher D. H. Hamilton, P.A.G.D.C., Past Chairman of the Southport Group of Masonic Lodges and also Founder President of the Three Degrees Club.

During these evenings we have been pleased to present cheques for the 2010 Festival for the New Masonic Samaritan Fund and the Masonic Hall Foundation (the money being raised from the generosity of members and guests supporting our raffles) and the Southport Group Children’s Christmas Party.

In the Spring 2011 we are looking forward to assisting with the organisation of the Southport Group Ball again, where our talents will be utilised in giving it the theme of a ‘Glitz and Glamour – ‘BLACK TIES & TIARAS’. In past years we have built up a reputation for organising themed events, with such themes as “The Movies”, “Titanic”, “Rock and Roll” and a “Masquerade Ball”.

The Three Degrees Club is now well-established, we feel positive about its success and look forward to welcoming many new Freemasons in the future.

Bro. Peter M. Martin
Three Degrees Club Chairman.

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